World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mid-range Build

Any time a new game comes out, we start getting a lot of requests from people looking to upgrade their systems. With WoW’s latest expansion, it has been no different. Since it’s been a while since we posted a build, we thought this would be a good opportunity, since our client’s needs fell right in with what a lot of people are looking for: great performance without breaking the bank.
After speaking with the customer, deciding on his needs, and getting his approval for the spec list and budget, we set out to get the parts. Let’s dive in and see how we did.
This was our first experience with the Challenger case, but it fit the customer’s needs perfectly. It looks understated for the most part, with adequate cable management options and plenty of room for video cards and coolers. As an added bonus, there are not any sharp edges inside the case which is a great relief if you ever start fiddling around inside.
Just about the only snag we ran into was the gigantic V8 cooler for the processor. We’ve done a lot of builds with the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus cooler, but this was our first encounter with the V8. We aren’t overstating things when we say it’s as big as a child’s head. 
As you can see, the edge of the cooler comes right against the edge of the case. With this build, it just barely fit–you definitely want to check measurements for your case before you pick one of these up. We installed it on the motherboard outside of the case (which is the only practical way), which caused some problems when connecting up all the power cords later on. Hooking up the 8-pin CPU power cord required removing the back fan you see to the left of the above picture.
One neat bonus is the V8 has red LEDs inside the grills to give your build a little added flare.
The rest of the assembly went off without a hitch.
And, the finished product. 

As an added bonus, the front fan on the Challenger case lights up a beautiful blue color (my camera gave it a unique look).

After installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, we were able to overclock the processor to 4.0GHz and keep it at 42*C under load with the fan on medium speed. The V8 cooler has a fan control that mounts on a back bracket, so there’s additional headroom for overclocking if the customer wants to turn the fan up and gain performance.
We installed antivirus software at the customer’s request and ran our benchmarks to ensure all components were working correctly. After installing all service packs and patches for Windows 7, RCC was able to deliver the computer on budget and ahead of schedule!
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