Sound Engineering Build

We were recently contacted by a customer looking for an extremely high-end machine to handle sound engineering work he was doing. He looked up custom builds from all sorts of builders online but wasn’t happy with the prices they were charging for the customized systems. Then, he found us! Here’s what we came up with.


The Components:

  • CPU: NZXT H630
  • Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 750W 80 PLUS PLATINUM Full Modular
  • Motherboard: SUPERMICRO MBD-X10DAL-I-O
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 (x2)
  • Cooler: Noctua i4 CPU Cooler (x2)
  • RAM: Crucial 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4-2133 (x4)
  • Video Card: PNY GeForce GTX 970 4GB
  • HDD: HGST Deskstar 4TB (x2)
  • SSD: Samsung 850 PRO 512GB
  • SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 2 TB
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  • Optical Drive: LG 14x Blu-Ray Burner


We knew this build was gonna need a lot of room, great cooling, and silent operation, so we went with the tried and tested H630 with the included sound dampening paneling.


This is a full sized ATX case with room for anything your imagination (and budget) can throw at it. And as you’ll see, we threw a lot at it.

IMG_3651I/O panel on the side.


Feet on the case give clearance and easy access to the bottom air filters.


We went with a platinum-certified EVGA 750 modular PSU. These come standard with a 10 (!) year warranty.


Here are the two Xeon processors with their own Noctua heatsinks. That’s 12 total cores of processing power! You’ll need a huge case for something like this, and the NXZT did not disappoint. We went with a server motherboard in order to handle all the processors and RAM.


Here are the hard drive caddies with all the storage: two 4TB HGST drives (for long term storage) along with a 512GB Samsung Pro SSD (for programs and OS) and a 2TB Samsung EVO SSD (for sound libraries).


All 8 (!) RAM slots were filled, each with 16GB sticks of ECC memory for stability and performance for a total of 128GB of RAM. Did I mention this computer may last a few years?


We even threw in a GTX 970 video card for those times when the customer needed to take a break from work and get a little gaming in.

The customer was extremely pleased to get the exact machine he wanted, without compromise, and shocked at the final price (thousands less than similar machines). Gaming computers are a niche within the computer manufacturing world, and companies like to charge absurd markups. An even smaller niche in the market are workstations, so companies charge an even more absurd markup because of limited consumer choice. Here at RCC, we approach all builds exactly the same, whether it’s for a internet terminal or high-end sound engineering machine. You’ll get the same attention and pricing, no matter what your specific needs are.

Have an edge-case computer you need built? Contact us at [email protected] today and avoid getting gouged.