Skyrim Gaming Build

Some weeks ago, we were approached by a customer who was looking to upgrade his woefully outdated gaming rig for Skyrim and various other games. He had a very bad experience with another local builder, so we met and explained exactly how RCC works, fleshed out his expectations, and laid out his needs.

After settling on a budget and his needs, we set out to get him the most performance we could out of every dollar.


The Components

You may recognize the case. That’s because it’s the same case used for our New Year’s Workstation Build, only in white (and with a cool side window). It’s a pretty spectacular case with tons of great features.
The inside of the case is covered by a noise dampening foam material that really allows you to create an almost silent gaming build without having to go with expensive water-cooling solutions. The entire inside of the case is also painted to match the outside, which is a nice touch.
The customer emphasized that he wanted a really high quality power supply that would last him through an upgrade cycle and still allow him to use it in his next computer. We went with a highly reliable, excellently spec’d 750W Seasonic that is fully modular, allowing great cable management. It’s super efficient (GOLD certified) and offers plenty of power to run all his current components. If anything ever did go wrong with the PSU, it’s covered by a mind-boggling 7 year warranty.
Since RAM is so affordable, we went with 32GB, filling out all 4 DIMM slots (3 visible here). Leaving slots open to upgrade later would have been complicated by the huge CPU cooler, which would have necessitated removing the cooler to add more RAM. Instead, he has more than enough headroom for years to come.
For this build, we went to our favorite CPU cooler, the Noctua DH-14. The cooler is massive and expensive, so you need to be sure your budget and case can accommodate it. However, it’s able to handle the most punishing overclocks while keeping your build nearly silent.

Through the side window, you’re able to see the videocard which has it’s own neat cooling fan. Notice that attention to cable management allows a clean, beautiful end build. We had to pick up Windows 7 Professional in order to allow 32GB of RAM. The OS was installed on the 250GB SSD, which should allow plenty of room for games and programs.

In the end, we did a slight overclock of the processor to 4.4GHz, which provided a pretty significant speed boost without raising the internal temperatures too much or causing the fans to become too noisy. There are additional speed controls for the fans behind the front door of the case, so the customer can easily overclock further if he so desires. All in all, the build exceeded his current needs while allowing for easy upgrades and expansions in the future, all while coming way under budget. The customer was extremely happy with the end results.

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