RCC Pre-built Computer Program

[Update: this build has been sold]

While most build processes last between 2-4 weeks depending on customer requirements, sometimes the best deals for all components don’t fall within that window. RCC has decided to try out a new program (our Pre-built Computer Program) where we catch deals as they pop up over a longer timespan and build a gaming computer with all the savings passed along directly to you. This allows us to build custom gaming computers at an unheard of price::performance ratios.

The first go at this is a mid-range gaming system with a focus on performance and efficiency.

The specs:

One of the highlights of this build is the case. We chose to go with a pretty high end case that will last through a few component upgrades in order to give our customer great flexibility for future expansions.
Besides the beautiful design, one of the first things you notice about the case is the clear device on top. This is a hot-swappable 2.5″ drive bay which allow quick and easy plug-and-play SSD/HDD additions.
The power and reset buttons flank this bay, and you can see the SATA III and SATA power connection to the left of the picture. In addition, the front is highlighted by two white LED case fans behind a honeycomb grill.
The little blue knob is a fan speed control, allowing you to ratchet up or down the fans as needed. The front panels pop open, allowing easy and quick access to the fans and internal drive bays. This is great for swapping out drives or cleaning out dust.
Both fans have white LEDs that go into action when the computer is powered up.
The rest of the front bay covers open in a similar way.

This allows the front of the case to keep a uniform look, even if you’ve installed a bunch of 5.25″ drives.

Inside, there is a mounting solution on the bottom which easily connects to a 2.5″ solid state drive. It’s here we have our 120GB Kingston SSD.

The back of the case houses another white LED fan. Here you can see our dual-core Sandy Bridge processor along with the case fan.

Here you can see the 8GB of RAM installed.

Powering everything is our 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Antec power supply located at the bottom of the case, giving you good thermal properties and keeping the entire case cooler. This unit has 30A on the +12V rail, capable of delivering clean and efficient power to a graphics card.

The side of this case features a clear window with a mounting option for another case fan if you wanted to upgrade further. As it stands, when this computer is powered on, it’s virtually silent. Through the side window you’ll see the entire motherboard, including our efficient but powerful video card. Excellent cable management options allow a clean look with great airflow.

Here’s a more encompassing shot of the side window, with the PC powered on.

And now a shot of the front of the case with everything powered up.
Interested in this build? Want something similar? Contact Rocket Custom Computers today to see what we can do for you!
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