Pink Panther Gaming Build

Do not adjust your monitors. We are back again with a new build highlight! There are many reasons you’d choose to get a custom build computer–you want to get the best value; you want to support local businesses; you have a niche use for a computer that the mass market isn’t meeting. Or sometimes, you just want something so personal–so you–that your only option is to go custom.


And with that, I present the Pink Panther. A customer contacted us and expressed interest in getting a gaming computer build to upgrade their aging system–but not just any gaming computer; it needed to be pink.

After some back and forth communication, we settled on a set of specs to fit the customer’s needs.


The Components


Believe it or not, there aren’t a glut of pink towers on the market–however, we did find some excellent cases that fit the customer’s needs from some good manufacturers. We chose this APEXIA case for some of its nice features: dials on the front (including fan speed control), the side window, good pre-installed fans, and a front cover to hide unsightly drives.


To keep the i5 cooled, we went with tried and tested HYPER 212 cooler–if you don’t have room or space in your budget for the Noctua, the HYPER 212 is the definite way to go. It keeps your CPU cool and is remarkable quiet. There’s a reason this is a favorite of builders everywhere.


We went with a single 8GB stick of RAM to allow room to upgrade in the future.


While the system is using way under 600W, we went with the the Corsair CX600M because we found an amazing deal. The unused watts give headroom for future upgrades also.


As usual, we went with an SSD for the O/S and program installation. To supplement the size of the SSD, we decided on a 1TB HDD to allow media storage.


The top of the case houses the front I/O panel (including USB 3.0, fan control, and volume control for the front audio jacks).


On the front of the case, there are 3 dials that provide computer info: temperature, volume, and fan speed. The dials light up a brilliant red when the computer is on.


The whole front panel opens to reveal the plethora of drive bays and the lower intake fan on the case.


Through the vented side panel you can see the video card and completed build. The side panel has slots for a variety of fan configurations. We have to remove the included fan due to the size of the CPU cooler.

The customer loved the completed build and even sent a follow-up email a month later letting us know how thrilled they were with the entire process.

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