Rocket Custom Computers offers the very best advice on computer parts and upgrades you can find. If you are comfortable building your own system or installing upgrade components, but aren’t up to date on the latest cycle of technology, aren’t clear if certain parts are compatible with your system, or don’t know how to find the best deals on components, this is the perfect service for you.

At Rocket Custom Computers, we offer a variety of consulting services, including:

Full Consultation

  • We first hone in on the specific needs and budget that you have.
  • We provide you with options for multiple computer setups in a variety of specification ranges and prices within your budget.
  • Once you decide on a specific choice, we provide an itemized parts list based upon that option. This list includes the item name, price, and a link to purchase the item.
  • It is in our sourcing process that we help save you significant amounts of money—we focus on getting the best performance for the cheapest price. We have no contractual relationships with vendors, so we can get the best value for you, regardless of who makes the part.



  • Using the specifications you give us of your current PC and your needs, we help you decide which parts you could upgrade to get the best performance value.
  • We provide you a variety of options that will prolong the lifespan of your current system without a major investment.