Rocket Custom Computers offers end-to-end service in custom computer design and building, from initial consultation and part sourcing to computer assembly and software installation. We have experience in designing and building a wide variety of computers, including productivity PCs, gaming PCs, virtual reality (VR) PCs, home theater PCs (HTPCs), and workstations.

At Rocket Custom Computers, our process is thorough and designed to provide you with the best service you could ever imagine:

  • Consult – Through a series of phone and email conversations, we help you design a computer to fit your needs and budget perfectly. We don’t move from this stage until you are perfectly clear with the final vision of the computer and completely happy. During the consultation process, you are given a multitude of opinions based on price and performance.
  • Source – We create an itemized parts list based upon the consultation. This list includes the item name and price, so you have a complete view of what your system includes. It is in our sourcing process that we help save you significant amounts of money—we focus on getting the best performance for the cheapest price. We have no contractual relationships with vendors, so we can get the best value for you, regardless of who makes the part.
  • Build – Once the parts arrive, we assemble, benchmark, and test the PC to ensure expected performance. We install the latest operating system and perform all critical updates.
  • Support – Rocket Custom Computers stands by its service. For 30 days following assembly, we provide free tech support for any problems you may have with your computer. Note that most PC components carry anywhere from 1-5 years of warranty, and we’ll help guide you through the RMA process in the unlikely event that you run into any problem.

Cost: Components + Flat Build Fee