2011 Black Friday Build

We’ve decided to start chronicling builds we do along with any relevant news we come across. Here we go!

Over the Black Friday weekend, we were able to purchase components for a customer who wanted a mid-to-high end gaming computer with a heavy emphasis on value. We were able to score a bunch of great deals.

Component List:

Everything in place!

Then the build began. What was great about the Corsair case is the excellent cable management options. Really cleaned things up.

Now, powered on! The case comes with 2 200mm white LED fans (w/ adjustable fan controls on top of case). That, combined with the Kingwin PSU connectors really make it stand out.

And now, with the side panel on.
Customer was very pleased, as were we. He let us know that he will be considering going with a water-cooled system in the near future, so look for that possible update!
Thanks for reading, and let us know if RCC can provide you with any custom computer services! [email protected]
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